Shortly after I retired, I participated in a wellness program at WVU Hospital, something I’d never done before. My insurance was offering to cover most of the cost and I needed to keep busy. I was a little skeptical at first but I really enjoyed it. There were three components to the program and all three of them were very helpful. The focus was on reversing heart disease, which meant getting my blood pressure under control. It was recommended that I lose weight and exercise. No surprise there!

While the diet was vegetarian and basically fat free, the food was delicious, and I enjoyed making new recipes. An exercise specialist designed a program based on our individual needs and abilities but we exercised as a group which made it a lot of fun. The best part, however, was the yoga and meditation class. I’ve never liked to exercise, but I fell in love with yoga during that time and it has continued to be part of my daily routine. I’m pretty sure that my technique is a few steps beyond normal, but it makes me feel good so I keep doing it. Isn’t that what exercise should do?

Crater yoga. We were inside a dormant volcano taking silhouette pictures as part of our photography tour of Terceira Island in The Azores.

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