The power is in the fork

Every time I see a list of tips for successful dieting, I read it, just in case I find something magic. The last dieting book I read was The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren. It has some sound principles and I have friends who swear by it but I’m not convinced. Warren, and his colleagues, state that the power is in your fork, which strikes me as absurd. I’ve yet to see a fork, by itself, choose steamed broccoli over cheesecake.

If that is indeed the case, and the power for successful dieting is in my fork, I’m thinking I need a whole new set of silverware. I’ve been wielding the power of a fork for years, and I’m gaining weight, not losing it! Wielding? Another of those words that came to mind and I questioned my use of it. Wielding: To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease. Yeppers! I’ve been wielding that fork too often!

This was the picture that we used for our engagement announcement. Most women would show off their ring. Me? I showed off my fork, but we all know I’m just a few steps beyond normal!

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