Sour, what?

On my Mother-in-law’s birthday, I made a run to the Morgantown Sam’s Club to buy gourmet cupcakes from their bakery. The package of eight includes four different flavors and they are really pretty! They are also delicious!

Birthday cupcakes!

As I headed into the store, I had nothing but cupcakes on my mind, so when I heard a voice saying “would you like to try a sample of….”, it took a minute for it to register; someone was talking to me. I glanced up, but saw no one. The voice spoke again! I realized then that it was the sample kiosk, programmed to dispense whatever Sam’s was pushing at the moment. Today’s choices were Swedish Fish or Sour Patch candies. I love Swedish Fish, so I thought, why not? I wasn’t going to go into sugar shock with a Sam’s Club sample! I scanned my card, and stood there while the kiosk did it’s thing. The kiosk said “one minute while we find your sample.” I hoped it didn’t look too hard. I had worked up an appetite for those chewy fish and I didn’t want the kiosk to find something more diet friendly, like a piece of celery or a carrot stick. The kiosk said “we are still working on retrieving your sample.” I’d been home alone for a couple of days and I was enjoying the conversation, even though it was somewhat one-sided. Finally, there was a grinding noise, a moment of silence, then the quiet swoosh of the kiosk spitting out a minuscule bag of Sour Patch Kids. I was so disappointed!

On my way home, I decided to be brave and taste the candy. I don’t remember ever eating them before, so, I’d be adventurous and get out of my rut, right? I popped one in my mouth and thought “ye gads!, who would eat those?”. A few miles later, I ate another one. After the initial shock of the “sour”, they were chewy and sweet! I ate another one and, just like that, they were gone. I’d lived to tell the tale!

When I was in Walmart this week, I walked by a display of candy, a dollar a bag. I’m not sure how it happened, but a bag of those Sour Patch Kids ended up in my buggy. It was definitely a few steps beyond normal to buy them!

They aren’t as sour as Warheads! Do you remember them?

4 thoughts on “Sour, what?

  1. mejarrett50

    Don’t tell anyone, but I like them too. The little girl who lived behind me (who is now all grown up with children of her own) used to stop by to see if I had any sour patch kids as “she could just taste one right now.” I added a bag of them to her wedding present.

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