Predicting winter

I don’t have a lot of faith in meteorologists. In all fairness, I think they have an impossible job. I know there is good science involved in making weather predictions, but you really can’t predict what the good Lord is going to do with your day. Despite a favorable forecast for Wednesday, there was a steady mizzle all day. Mizzle: a misty drizzle or, as one friend put it, a miserable drizzle. I love that word but I’m not overly fond of a day of continuous mizzling.

I’ve seen several predictions for this coming winter’s weather. My Grandpa Neel swore by the old Farmer’s Almanac, and it seems to be predicting cold and snow. It’s laughable, really. Winter in West Virginia always includes those components so it won’t really be wrong now, will it? One method of predicting the severity of winter seems to be as reliable as the next, so I vote for this little gal’s winter forecast!

May I introduce you to Ms. Isabella Tiger Moth Woollybear Caterpillar? She’s already smartly dressed for our cooler fall weather, with her woolly fur coat, and I’ve read that she has a chemical type substance in her that acts like antifreeze so that she can easily survive the colder temperatures. After it warms up again, she will shed the furs and step out wearing some pretty awesome lingerie!

Judging by the fact that she has accessorized her fur coat with just a wee bit of a black scarf, it looks like she’s planning for one small snowstorm followed by mild weather. At least, that might be what she’s trying to tell us. I’m not sure which is her front and which is her rear, and I can’t remember which way she was going when I took the picture! Maybe the black bit is a pair of hot pants she’s wearing with a long tunic and she’s trying to tell us it’ll be a mild winter followed by one snowstorm. Either way, I’d be happy with an easy winter, one that is a few steps beyond normal.

12 thoughts on “Predicting winter

  1. There must be a fashion show going on at my place because we have had so many ranging from all black to one like Isabella. We have even had a couple of totally white ones, though I venture a guess that those are not Woollybears. LOL

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