Fifty firsts, 4 and 5

During the same week that I was starting my list of fifty new experiences, the United States was experiencing a first time ever event, too: a female had been named as a vice presidential candidate for the 2008 election. In early October, I decided to watch Sarah Palin debate her opponent. I’d never watched a televised debate before, so this historical event was added to my list. Later, I also voted for our first female candidate, and I counted that as another “first”.

My Dad’s Sarah Palin bobblehead!

At this exact moment, I am doing something else I’ve never done before. I rarely discuss politics, and I’ve never shared with anybody how I vote. I am capable of forming my own opinions, as are the other people in my life. I also choose to support the winning candidates even if they are not who I voted for. It has been my observation that political discussion rarely, if ever, changes an opponent’s mind but it often causes hard feelings. I’d rather save my breath for anything else, like blowing bubbles, whistling, or cooling a hot spoonful of spicy, chicken tortilla soup. I’m not sure if this is a few steps beyond normal, or not, but it’s the way it is!

No amount of “blowing” could cool the heat in this authentic Guatemalan chicken soup!

3 thoughts on “Fifty firsts, 4 and 5

  1. mejarrett50

    Love your Dad’s bobblehead!
    Love the chicken foot in your soup too. Gary’s grandmother used to set them aside when she was cooking a fresh chicken so no one else would eat them. I’m not sure she really needed to worry about that though.

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