Another sleepless night

I’ve now watched the full moon cross from the left side of my bedroom window to the right side, and then out of sight, leaving nothing but the lightened sky between the trees to show it’s still hanging around. What’s weird is that the moon is barely moving but I am! I’m hitching a ride on the great planet Earth! It takes the moon almost a month to orbit the earth but the earth turns completely around in just 24 hours! Who can’t believe in God while they are lying in bed thinking about this, about spinning on the Earth’s axis in the middle of space? What else is holding it up? It seems like we could just be smacked like a ping pong ball into another galaxy! What a ride that would be!

This is how my mind operates when I’m trying to go to sleep. It fills itself with thoughts that are totally insignificant and, if I pretend I’m not listening, it blasts this stupid drivel until it echos off the sides of my skull! I’d really like to scream when this happens, but I’m pretty sure it would scare the dog!

What does a person do all night when not blessed with sleep? Here are a few tips from a lifetime insomniac. Drink a cup of hot, herbal, Chamomile tea. Read articles on how to fall asleep. Pace through the empty, dark house. Get a drink of water. Write. Watch the moon. (Wouldn’t you think the lack of excitement there would put you under?) Edit pictures. Play Solitaire, Free Cell, Sudoku, or Spades. Read articles on foods to avoid before bedtime. Work puzzles. Pee. Make a list of all the things you’re not going to accomplish anytime soon. Try to rid yourself of such negative thoughts. Take Melatonin even though it’s never worked before. Read an article about a trip to New Zealand. Toss and turn. Worry about what you’ll get your kids for Christmas if you spend all your money on a trip to New Zealand. Try to find a way to lay that doesn’t hurt. Remember things that used to make you feel really good but now just make you sad. Try to banish sad thoughts. Get sleepy, close your eyes to sleep, and realize it’s a false alarm. Read a few chapters in your latest murder mystery thriller. Check that the doors are locked. Ask yourself, “what was that noise?”. Rub lotion on your dry legs and feet. Get another drink of water. Pee. Imagine that there is a scary, evil cat ghost staring in your window. Pray. Wish for morning so that you can hope for a nap, which you won’t take because it might mess up your nighttime sleep. Cry. Curse. A good, and loud, “damn it to hell and back again” doesn’t really make you sleep but it wakes up the dog so that you have company in your misery. Yawn, then wonder if this is the magic moment when you’ll drift off for what’s left of the night. Beg. Please, God? Yawn a second time. Sigh. Fluff the pillows, straighten the sheets and blankets, get comfortable, then realize you need to pee again. Seriously consider screaming….

I’d really like to go a few miles beyond my normal and sleep all night, every night. Wouldn’t we all?

The scary, evil cat ghost staring in my window!

6 thoughts on “Another sleepless night

  1. I love the “Super Hero” pose on your picture.
    I do not have any answers to the sleep issue.
    Been there many times also.
    If you get a cat he/she is more often going to stay awake with you!
    Well written.
    PS – cats sleep most of the day!

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