F. F. F. continued

My frugal February fail discussion needs more discussing! While in Florida, I spent less than ten dollars at the grocery store to buy bagels, bananas, and yogurt for a weeks worth of breakfasts. (I took tea bags and snacks with me.) Most days we were out and about after breakfast and picked out a restaurant for a late lunch. I usually only eat two meals a day and, with an evening snack of cheese and crackers, fruit, or popcorn, I’m happy. Some of the fresh seafood meals we had were a bit expensive but they were worth every penny.

In order to offset the cost of the restaurant dining during my trip, I spent the rest of February eating creatively out of my freezer. Believe it or not, I haven’t been to a grocery store here at home since before Christmas. (I was in Florida for part of January, too.) I will admit to having my husband bring home some milk and bananas on several occasions.

I think when most people go grocery shopping, their buggy gets filled with things they want as opposed to things they really need. I keep my pantry well stocked with staples and I frequently freeze individually portioned meals. I haven’t gone hungry. I could probably go another month without shopping but I’m really missing my fresh fruits and veggies. I’m thinking I’ll go next week. I’m thinking the checkout total may put me in shock!

One more admission: I did have one Blue Apron box delivered in February. I know that there is nothing frugal about Blue Apron but I hate shopping so much that it’s almost like buying myself a gift. And because I’m just a few steps beyond normal, it’s a much appreciated one. Now, if I could figure out a way for the food to cook itself….

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