Someplace new! Gulf Islands National Seashore

Woohoo! I got to use my new lifetime National Parks pass! In search of sunshine, I found myself at Gulf Islands National Seashore in the western panhandle of Florida last week. This National Park covers barrier islands from Florida to Mississippi. Oddly enough, none of the Alabama barrier islands are included.

When I drove up to the Ranger station for admission to the park, I handed my pass and ID to a stern looking park ranger. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I blurted out this is the first time I’ve used my pass! He very seriously congratulated me. I said thank you. I’m so excited to be here. He told me to be careful and motioned me to go away.

There are several areas of this national park. On Sunday, I visited the Fort Pickens area.
Fort Pickens
On Tuesday, I did some hiking in the Naval Live Oaks Preserve area.
I visited two more areas on Wednesday! Santa Rosa Island was the perfect place for walking on white sand beaches.

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