The Sahara Desert

I was on the verge of publishing this post when I realized that I was writing about the Sahara DESSERT! Food is always on my mind!

I feel like I’ve heard about the Sahara desert all my life. I loved stories about mirages and hidden oases (Google assures me that is the plural of oasis, but it looks strange!). I could always feel the thirst of the weary wanderer struggling over dunes and I always jumped when they tripped over skeletal remains. When I walked onto the sand there, it was hard to believe that I was actually in the Sahara Desert. It was even harder to believe that I was going to ride a dromedary, a kind of camel with one hump instead of two.

The dromedary was kind enough to kneel down for boarding but it almost pitched me off when it stood up, back legs first. It made such a horrid moaning, groaning, braying noise when it stood that I was slightly embarrassed. I’m not skinny and I honestly thought it was going to die! I’m still not convinced that it didn’t die later that night because we had camel for dinner. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I enjoyed my meal. Seriously!

After riding to the top of a massive dune, we sat on heavy blankets to enjoy both the sunset and the moonrise. With a full moon, the ride back was stunning. It was an experience that I will never forget.

This was our room in the Sahara.

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