More Morocco

My luggage didn’t catch up to me for several days but I’m usually a light packer and I managed well enough. What I did miss, however, was my journal. Because it was packed in my checked bag and not my backpack, I didn’t write about those first days. For some reason, that led to me not writing about the trip at all. Looking back, I know I could have journaled on my iPad but I much prefer ink and paper. It feels more like a real accounting of my thoughts and travels when I scrawl out my story. Anyway, I have a lot of nice pictures from my trip but no memory of what the actual places were. Enjoy!

Morocco was a colorful country. The tiled mosques were simply beautiful.
Yes, they did have snake charmers for the tourists to see in the city square. For a price, they would let you hold one of the cobras. No, thank you! I liked the variety of shops and visiting a Bedouin family in their tent in the dessert. I loved the subtle shades of sand and brown everywhere we went.
We ate well!

Being just a few steps beyond normal, I remember some of the oddest bits from my trip. Like, most of the world’s leather is made in Morocco. And, pigeon poop is used in the leather dying process. And, the biggest tannery in Morocco buys pigeon poop from the citizens at the market every Saturday. Can you imagine packing up your family to go to market and yelling “Honey? Don’t forget the pigeon poop!“

The men who dyed the leather actually climbed into the big vats of dye and pigeon poop to make sure the leather was properly stirred and saturated. I’m glad I don’t have to do their laundry!

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