Adaland Mansion

It’s always a great day when my kids can join me for dinner and it’s always a great dinner when we meet at Adaland Mansion! Located just outside of Philippi, WV, Adaland Mansion was built in 1870 by Augustus Modisett, a banker who later became the county sheriff. This 23 room house has been meticulously restored and it’s quite fun to imagine the grand times that have taken place there.

Having an early family Thanksgiving dinner at Adaland has worked well for us. The food is good, the house is beautifully decorated, and I don’t have to cook or do dishes. Of course, I don’t have leftovers either, and I love my leftovers, so that’s a bit of a negative thing.

It was next to impossible to choose just one dessert but I finally enjoyed the piece of hummingbird cake in the front left corner. Can you see that it has my name written all over it? Or, maybe those are just nuts!

Being just a few steps beyond normal, we all thought the raisin sauce was a dish of beans so our first bite was something of a surprise, finding out it was a sweet sauce for the ham. Growing up, I snacked on raisins, put them in my oatmeal and cookies, and occasionally made pie with them but I’d never had them stewed. I am a fan!

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