Winter wonderland

There is something kind of magical about being the first person to walk through a fresh snowfall in a remote location. Jen and I found a winter wonderland on Saturday in the Monongahela National Forest. Standing at 4003 feet above sea level, the Bickle Knob observation platform was a fun climb and the views were incredible.

I managed not to get a picture of the tower itself but you can see its shadow!
Forest road 91 in Randolph County

I was a little concerned that the road would be closed when we got there and I knew I wasn’t willing to hike 4 miles up the mountain. It was only 20°, which is too cold for my aching bones! With four wheel drive, we had no problems climbing the mountain and a short hike took us to the base of the tower where we hit the stairs. The sun was so bright that the snow and ice on the trees glittered. It was simply beautiful.

Keep climbing!
We followed our 4-wheeling adventure with a stop at C.J. Maggies for pizza. Being just a few steps beyond normal, the Grape Ape pizza appealed to me because I’d never tried it before. Topped with fresh red grapes, gorgonzola cheese, garlic oil, and mozzarella, it was delicious!

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