Valley Falls State Park and bonus waterfalls

Could a West Virginia waterfall trail be complete without including Valley Falls? I don’t think so! While not exactly in my backyard, Valley Falls is close enough that I used to ride my bike there on a boring summer day. It was quite fun getting there and the downhill ride into the park was a thrill. Unfortunately, the ride back out was more of a bicycle push than a ride. Often, we got lucky and a random stranger would throw our bikes into the bed of a truck and give us a ride back to the top of the hill. I wouldn’t recommend this now but we had no worries back in the day.

Valley Falls

Did you know that there are two other waterfalls at the state park? I’d never heard of them before last year. Both of these falls, located on Glady Creek, can be accessed on a four mile, round trip hike up the Rhododendron Trail. Around seven tenths of a mile up the trail, the former road from Valley Falls to Hammond, the Rhododendron Trail bears right. By continuing straight until the trail meets Glady Creek, you can find Twin Falls and its 20 foot drop by heading upstream for a very short distance.

The Rhododendron Trail and Twin Falls.

After backtracking, continue on the Rhododendron trail until you find Glady Creek Trail. This narrow mountain bike path takes you straight to 27 Foot Falls with its cool and clear plunge pool. If this waterfall has another name, I did not find it.

27 Foot Falls and the Glady Creek Trail

It was a peaceful spot to sit for a bit before heading back down the trail to my car. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I forgot to stop the mileage tracker I use when I hike. By the time I drove to my next destination, the app showed I had hiked 22 miles in two hours. Not bad for an out of shape old lady!

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