Hawks Nest and Babcock State Parks

While cruising along West Virginia’s scenic Midland Trail, allow time to stop at two beautiful state parks, Hawks Nest and Babcock.

Babcock State Park was where we chose to park Maeve the Motorhome while we collected waterfalls last week. The campground there is quite nice and we had a shady site to call home for a few days. One of West Virginia’s most photographed locations is the Glade Creek Grist Mill and waterfall which can be found in the park.

Glade Creek Grist Mill Falls at Babcock State Park

One of the outstanding features at Hawks Nest State Park is the stonework which was done in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The overlook and walkways, as well as several of the buildings, showcase superior craftsmanship and the overlook provides amazing views of the New River Gorge.

Two waterfalls can be accessed from the park, Turkey Creek Falls and Mill Creek Falls. I was halfway down the trail to Turkey Creek Falls when I realized my phone was still in the car. I opted not to climb back up the steep trail to get it. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I forgot it again when I hit the rail trail that took me to Mill Creek Falls so I have no pictures of either falls. Truthfully, by this point in my adventure, I was thinking “who cares?”

I had hoped to ride the Aerial Tramway at Hawks Nest down into the gorge but it was closed for renovations. The park also offers jet boat rides up the New River to the bridge, an activity I hope to do at a later date. I think it would be an awesome activity once the leaves start changing color.

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