Something new, somewhere old

Last year, I visited the Falls of Hills Creek, which are located just off the Highland Scenic Highway. My friend, Mary, and I hiked the trail and climbed down all 382 steps to the lower falls. We then survived the climb back up those same steps. It took some huffing and puffing but we did it. I took some excellent pictures of the middle falls and the lower falls but I was disappointed that the upper falls were not really visible.

The middle falls are shown on the top right. The bottom pictures show the lower falls.

I revisited the falls on Sunday so that I could count it as a legit visit on this year’s waterfall trail journey. While looking for the waterfall trail sign, I realized that we had missed part of the trail last year! Surprise! There is a paved, accessible trail that takes you right to the upper falls. Since I’d never hiked that section before, hike it I did,

The easy paved trail took me to the upper falls, shown in the top picture. The bottom left picture is all I could see of the upper falls when I visited before.

It was a miserably wet morning and I was the only person there. The trail was longer than I’d thought it would be, and I hadn’t worn a raincoat, but the heavy leaf canopy and pine branches kept me pretty dry. The occasional plop of water from the trees always managed to hit me in the face. Wisps of fog were playing hide and seek with the trees and the raindrops were making the leaves sing with a light percussion that was quite peaceful. I’m glad no one else was around because, being a few steps beyond normal, I caught myself singing on the trail. Bits of the song that had been playing in the car kept popping out of my mouth while I hiked. I definitely don’t sound like Shania Twain so it kept the bears away!

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