Chasing waterfalls….again

I’m going to apologize right up front. I’m sorry for the waterfall overload. I added three to my collection this past weekend for a grand total of ten. The prize for ten waterfalls is a water bottle. I am now at the halfway point to getting my free WV waterfall wanderer t-shirt. Free! Ha! I just can’t count the cost of gas, hotels, and restaurant meals. But I’ve got to hand it to WV Tourism. Their statewide waterfall trail and prize incentives are definitely increasing tourism. It is also taking me to places in my beautiful state where I’ve not been before, to places that are just a few steps beyond normal. I like that!

My first two prizes: a water bottle and a sticker. Not shown to scale!

Finding Mill Creek Falls in Kumbrabow State Forest was quite the adventure. Located in the Allegheny Highlands, this forest has the distinction of being West Virginia’s highest state forest. Interestingly enough, the highest point in the state is not located here, but at Spruce Knob, which is designated as a national recreation area.

I followed several miles of gravel roads to the top of Rich Mountain and then followed the same road back down because I had no idea where I was going. Finally, I took a different gravel road down to the falls. Located near the cabins and just a stroll from the parking area, there was a lot more driving involved than hiking to see this waterfall.

Had I actually stopped to read the sign, I would have saved myself some time. It would have only been half the adventure, however!

When I got home, I googled “Kumbrabow”, certain that it was an old Indian word for beautiful mountain. No. The word is a combination of the last names of three people who were instrumental in making the property into a state forest; Governor Herman G. Kump, Spates Brady and Hubert Bowers.

Whitaker Falls is located on the Elk River. It was a bit easier to find.

My weekend adventure will be continued!

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