More waterfalls! Holly River State Park

I have a friend who recently visited Niagara Falls so she’s not impressed by my small collection of West Virginia waterfalls. I’ve been to Niagara, however, and I much prefer the quiet solitude of the gentler falls. Given a choice, I’ll always take leaf strewn paths over concrete sidewalks, seclusion over crowds, and West Virginia over anywhere else. I love to travel but I’m all about those country roads taking me home.

My latest weekend jaunt took me to West Virginia’s second largest state park, Holly River. We’ve camped there many times and hiked to Tecumseh and Tenskwatana Falls. I’d never visited the Upper and Lower Falls before and both are listed on the WV Waterfall Trail.

Upper Falls of Holly River
Shupe’s Chute

Because of higher than normal water flow, the trail to the lower falls, which runs right along the river, was partially submerged so I was unable to see it. Shupe’s Chute was a nice alternative.

Following my hike, I decided to continue driving on Pickens Grade Road, knowing I’d eventually reach my next destination, the Hütte Restaurant in Helvetia. It may be just a few steps beyond normal, but I’ve always loved driving on the back roads of West Virginia.

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