Hamsters we have loved before

I remember a time when the only thing my youngest son wanted for his birthday was a hamster. I was not crazy about having one more pet to take care of and I knew nothing about them. The closest I’d ever come to having one as a child was when I’d rescued a mouse from a trap and put it in a cardboard shoebox. That really didn’t work out so well. After fetching it a snack from the kitchen, I went back to find nothing in the box but some droppings, shredded cardboard, and a small hole.

Nevertheless, a package was opened at my son’s birthday party, revealing a small, fluffy critter. He excitedly reached into the box and, the hamster, having been already traumatized by a bumpy car ride, bit him. The box was dropped and the hamster was on the lam.

Have you ever tried to fetch a five ounce ball of fluff from under the fridge? By using the vacuum nozzle and the leg from a pair of pantyhose, I got quite good at doing just that. I’d just suck that little varmint into the hose and then dump him into his hamster hotel. He worked off his stress by rattling around on his exercise wheel.

A few months later, the kids and I were headed to the beach for a week and we left Dad in charge of the hamster. To make a long story short, the hamster died while we were gone. Not wanting to upset the kids, Dad bought another hamster before we came home. This was really a brilliant idea except for the fact that the dead hamster was a light, golden tan and the new hamster was black and white.

Our final hamster was named Hamdini because he was an escape artist like no other. One morning when I woke up, Hamdini was perched on my chest, staring at me. In the second that it took before I realized what was sitting on me, I sat up and screamed. Hamdini went flying through the air and, by the time I got him back into his cage, we were both pretty frazzled!

Hamdini loved his exercise ball and used it to explore the whole house. Little did I know that he was planning his great escape. For weeks after he disappeared, I found traces of him….a cold French fry on a closet shelf, a small pile of shredded paper, or a dropping. It’s just a few steps beyond normal, but I still think I’m going to open a closet someday to find a ten pound hamster staring me in the eye. Something is making all the snacks in our house disappear! Must be Hamdini!

Tater Tot belongs to my friend, Diana G. Thanks for letting me use your picture!

5 thoughts on “Hamsters we have loved before

  1. Kathy Harp

    I too like to work puzzles,I recently bought a 1500 hundred piece puzzle,I have no idea where I ‘m going to put all those puzzle pieces in order to work it.

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  2. Hahaha love this! I’m trying to figure out how you caught him with a pantyhose and vacuum? I’m trying to picture it but still can’t figure out how? 😁 When my kids were little they wanted snakes and lizards. Our yard at the time was filled with them. We had about 4 different tanks set up and I honestly have no idea how many snakes the kids had because they were constantly catching and sneaking them in. I definitely don’t miss those days lol.

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    1. No snakes for me! I used the pantyhose as a sort of safety net inside the nozzle. It would catch the hamster and keep him from being sucked into the sweeper bag. Then I could just pull the hose and hamster out of the nozzle and dump him from the hose into his cage.


      1. Ohhhhh I get it know. Thats actually a great idea. Yes it did take some time for me to get use to snakes and now my boys are adults so those days are behind me lol. My teenage son would rather have a lizard than a snake, what a relief 😅

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