The Emerald Coast

The emerald green water and the white sand beaches give this part of Florida its name, The Emerald Coast. The numerous state parks, with their fifty shades of green, made this area a real jewel for me!

Once upon a time, I liked winter. I learned to ski when I was about seven years old. I can remember riding snowmobiles with the neighbors and sled riding on the hill by my grandparents’ house. I loved when school was canceled and my kids and I had a pajama day.

As I’ve aged, my body and I have lost our fondness for all things cold, snowy, and icy. I’ve begun to dream about being a snowbird and about migrating south to avoid winter. Traveling lots of miles beyond my normal, I got a small taste of that in January. I thought I’d share my sunshine with all of you. I hope you enjoy my video.

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