Book signed by author (Fifty firsts, #11)

I love to read but, prior to the year I turned fifty, I’d never had the opportunity to talk to someone who’d had a book published. I’ve never attended a book signing sponsored by a library, or bookstore, but I liked the idea of having a personalized message written in a book by the author. Imagine my surprise when I was gifted with just such a book!

I have a friend whose father was an amazing photographer. When his book on Morgantown was published, he signed one of them just for me! I have also been the lucky recipient of two pieces of his artwork. He was a personable, talented, gentleman and I enjoyed his company on the few occasions when we met.

It would be nice to have Bob’s talent but I think I’d like to have his confidence more. It takes a special kind of faith to believe in your work enough to publish it. While I have managed to write my blog, attempting to publish anything with paper and ink would be a few scary steps beyond normal for me.

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