A fitness dabbler

I don’t like being cold. As someone who starts wearing long underwear under her jeans in October, walking outside in the winter is a miserable task. With the dual purpose of trying to keep my dog happy and my last few “skinny” cells alive, I decided to try something new to encourage me to continue my outside jaunts: winter weather walking gear.

My Mom always gives me money to spend on Christmas so, this year, I bought two pair of winter weather walking tights, wrapped them up, forgot about them, and surprised myself Christmas morning by unwrapping them at her house. Taking them out of the packaging, they felt thin, but they had great reviews. It’s possible that all of the people who wrote the reviews lived in the tropics, but they all said the tights kept their legs warm. So, last Wednesday, I tried them out for the first time. I’m not sure that walking in 34 degree temperatures with the sun beating down on me really counts as cold weather walking, but the tights did a good job that afternoon.

The word “tights” seemed to be the key word with these bottoms. I am not overly fond of tight clothing and, as I poured myself into the gray pair, I had my doubts about wearing them. They hugged my legs but, when I stood up, they were not constricting in any way. I was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t turn my midsection into a burgeoning mushroom cap. It was quite nice to walk without my sweaty thighs rubbing together, too. That is a few steps beyond normal for me and I can certainly learn to live with it!

Baleaf* describes their company as a contemporary active wear brand which caters to those who enjoy dabbling in fitness trends. They couldn’t have described me better! A fitness dabbler!!

*I wrote about these leggings because I liked them. I’d never even heard of them before I did what I call a desperation order, a “just order one, and be done”! I am not being paid by the company. I wonder how that comes about? Extra money would be nice!

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