Though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me, I know a lot about exercise, and I never begin an exercise program without doing it the proper way. It is critical that a person check with a physician before beginning. I’ve done this. I’ve asked if I should start an exercise program. My doctor’s response was, “please, do”. I was going to get a second opinion but her tone was insulting enough.

I’ve taken exercise classes. I’ve watched videos. I’ve read books. And I’m particularly knowledgeable about the ten-minutes-to-a-flatter-tummy exercises. That would be a great exercise program….if all I needed was to flatten my tummy. If I do the ten-minutes to thinner thighs, ten-minutes to a tighter tush, ten-minutes to curvy calves, ten-minutes to stop the wiggle in my wattle, ten-minutes to build my biceps and….you get the picture. By the time I target all my trouble spots, I need a day that’s twenty seven hours long.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different types of exercise. In college, I took a different physical education class every single semester. They were different because I was trying to find something I was good at. Thank goodness I took them pass/fail so they didn’t jeopardize my grade point average! I’ve learned that choosing an exercise program that would work for me is not an easy task. I’m not talented in the field of sports, although I did win a golf tournament once. When they handed me my trophy, I was shocked. It wasn’t till several years later that I figured out how I’d won. I’d been unable to play the last nine holes because I’d lost all my balls. My score of 89 didn’t look bad for an eighteen hole game.

I’m not coordinated enough for kick-boxing or karate. My first dance in a recital was called “Ballet Gone Bad”. The exercise bike in my basement makes my bottom sore. Aerobics I could do, but only for the first five minutes. And did I mention that I don’t like to sweat? There was actually little choice. Walking became my chosen way to achieve the goal of being a newly slender, well-toned, and healthy woman. I still figure that if I walk a few steps beyond normal, it’ll count as exercise. Right?

I’ve always loved to hike.

5 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. sfrowen

    I like to exercise but then I’ve stopped for various reasons but this last time I felt was my last chance. I joined Silver Sneakers 2919 & loved it. We had a 92 year old lady I was 75 so that made me think I need to stick with this! Then the big stopper of most everything… The covid. So here I’m fairly thin but out of shape and with a fat stomach. Now 78 feeling stiffness & really would like to start silver sneakers again. The health Plex just closed up & that was it !

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    1. I enjoyed going to the Health Plex. I hated that it closed. Some of my friends do Silver Sneakers through Baptist Temple. They meet outside during good weather and at a building at wave tech during the winter. M, W, and F. 8:30-9:30. I wish we could use the Bunner Ridge Community building for classes! I watch Silver Sneakers videos on YouTube. Check them out!


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