Honey, I shrunk the Christmas tree

Over the last few years, I have been downsizing Christmas even more. Decorating is real work and it has gotten a lot harder to dig all of the decorations out of storage by myself, so I don’t. Once upon a time, we bought live trees that we planted on our property after Christmas. Then, for a few years, we wrestled a cut tree into the living room. A four-foot high artificial tree that had been my grandmother’s was our tree of choice while the kids were teenagers. That was replaced by the foot-high tree that used to be my dining room table decoration. Last year, I just stacked presents in a tree-like shape. That worked pretty well because when all the presents were opened there wasn’t much to clean up and put away. This year, I’m using a small vintage style ceramic tree that I painted on an outing with my friends. While the decorating has changed, the real miracle of Christmas is a constant I can count on.

Now, the kids, out and about all day, arrive just in time for Christmas Eve dinner and then they are off again, visiting friends. Christmas morning involves a check that buys me a half hour of their time. The gift exchange takes less than thirty minutes before life goes on. We still visit my Mom, where chaos reigns in a house filled with cousins, aunts, and uncles. Our Christmas tradition of oyster stew for lunch continues and, by late afternoon, I still sit in the silence of my empty house. A few steps beyond normal, my thoughts turn to a long ago, silent, holy night, and I am grateful for the calm in my life.

2 thoughts on “Honey, I shrunk the Christmas tree

  1. Patti Adams

    I’ve learned during the past few years that you have to “go with the flow.” If you can’t adapt, then you’ll never find peace. Traditions are great, but you have to remember what is “really important” in each case. Thanks for sharing your memories. God Bless!!!

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