Christmas changes

As the kids got older, Christmas changed. I didn’t mind all the work it took to make Christmas memorable but I wanted someone to appreciate everything I did during the holidays. I wanted someone to acknowledge the fact that I saved the money for gifts, I shopped, I cooked, I decorated, I wrapped, I cleaned, and I dismantled Christmas and put it away at the end of the month. My husband was not home long enough to even get a tree some years and using an artificial tree just didn’t make the house smell like Christmas.

At some point, I started giving the kids the gift of a trip instead of toys, and the stockings were filled with practical items, and candy. Our church no longer had a Christmas Eve service and I could hardly stay awake long enough to play Santa because the kids stayed up much later than I did. Eventually, Santa didn’t come until seven in the morning, when I ate his cookies with a mug of Constant Comment. I sat alone in the dark living room watching the tree lights blink, waiting for everyone else to wake up. This became my Christmas morning routine. It may be a few steps beyond normal, but I always enjoy the calm before the storm.

7 thoughts on “Christmas changes

  1. Patti Adams

    I love Christmas, but not all the work. Since we don’t have children, I made some changes long ago. Who decided that women had to do everything? -Like sending out the Christmas cards! My husband couldn’t believe that it took me an hour to prepare cards for 2 of his friends/family who lived out-of-state. He said you just sign our names, put a stamp and address on the envelope, and then mail it. This year he decided that he wasn’t sending any Christmas Cards! -Lol.

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  2. joy

    today was card writing day. i do my side and tom does his. we each sign the other’s cards. i wrapped one present for each person except the ones that haven’t arrived. still waiting on toys for tom, lol. i use my birthday as tree cutting day. that way it is certain to happen. tom does outside lights, and i do inside decorating. we do the tree together. i leave my miniature houses up year round, cozy and less time consuming than putting them out, and then putting them away. pretty low key.

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  3. Kathy Harp

    It takes me about a .week to get all my cards done write out the envelopes with every ones address’s on them ,then a few days later I get started signing them I have write more than just our names.When I get that done then my husband puts the stamps & the return address lables on them.Every year I say this might be the last year that I do them,but then I give in & do them.I guess I enjoy getting them from all over all over. MERRY CHRISMAS EVERYONE. !!!!!!

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