The Sea of Galilee

I can’t even think about the Sea of Galilee without singing the Sunday school song of the same name, complete with hand motions. (It’s that few steps beyond normal where my brain lives that causes stuff like that to happen.) It was never my favorite song and it is less so now!

The New Testament is full of stories about the ministry of Jesus which took place on the shores of this lake and on the lake itself. It was here that Jesus walked on water and calmed the seas, fed the multitudes, and recruited four of his disciples. I was happy to visit the area and really enjoyed the boat ride we took.

The Sea of Galilee, also called Lake Tiberias, is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth, at around 705 feet below sea level. Only the Dead Sea, which is saltwater, is lower. It’s primary source of water is the Jordan River but a few springs also feed into it.

What you eat for dinner when you’re visiting the lake where Jesus caught a huge net full of fish. Obviously, it was good!

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