The cost of a cup of coffee

I’ve been asked how I can afford to travel as much as I do. The bottom line is that I don’t waste a lot of money. Even when I’m not actively trying to cut my expenses, I’m not a shopper. I drink water from my tap and make my own tea. I don’t do fancy coffees. Most people would be shocked by how much money they spend casually purchasing beverages, and I’m not even talking about alcoholic drinks.

Just as an example, my husband is addicted to Dr. Pepper. Purchasing one Dr. Pepper a day over the span of our marriage, at an average of a dollar each, he would have spent $14,600. I know that this is a very low estimate because he usually has more than one soda each day. My point is, I can go a lot of places for the cost of a daily cup of coffee or soda. Most people never do the math so they don’t know how much they actually spend on little purchases.

I am guilty of using a charge card to make most of my purchases because I like accumulating frequent flyer miles. One way that I save money is that I never pay to use a charge card and I refuse to pay interest. I never spend more than I can pay off each month. I know someone who has a ten thousand dollar credit limit on their charge card and they’ve had it maxed out for almost ten years. They told me that they ONLY pay $125 a month in interest. That is $1,500.00 a year, roughly fifteen thousand dollars over the ten year period!! I guess somebody has to pay for the free airline tickets I earn. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I can guarantee that it isn’t me!

One thought on “The cost of a cup of coffee

  1. joy

    same here. i know exactly where my $$ goes. when i met my husband he was carrying cc debt for the ‘good credit’ rating. i had a zero credit rating, lol. i explained, via paper and pencil, just how much his ‘good credit’ was costing him. then i told him i would marry him after he was carrying zero debt besides a home mortgage. he agreed, paid off his cards, and here we are today, with everything paid off.

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