Frugal February

For the last ten years, I have practiced what I call Frugal February. My goal is to spend money only on items that are necessary. This basically includes gas and groceries, necessary doctor copays and prescriptions, and, of course, utilities.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, especially since I pick the shortest month of the year to be miserly. I like using that word because to be a miser means to hoard wealth and spend as little money as possible. I don’t end up wealthy, but I’m always surprised by the amount of money I do save. An added benefit is that there are no big charge card balances to pay off in March and more money is accumulated then.

It’s not a coincidence that I always manage to lose a few pounds while I’m cutting costs. Grabbing fast food is not a necessity so I have a much healthier diet. I do get to eat out on occasion because I save any restaurant gift cards I’ve accumulated to use while I’m being frugal.

I need to make a confession. Because I’m just a few steps beyond normal, I consider traveling a necessity and I’m not opposed to gallivanting around the country if the chance comes up. What’s the best part of traveling in February? It’s the “off” season for many destinations. If I find a good deal, don’t be surprised if I book it!

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