An Airman’s response

Last year, after I wrote a post about my favorite Veteran, my youngest daughter, Jennalea, wrote about her grandfather. She gave me permission to share her thoughts.

Senior Airman Jennalea Wallace

By Jennalea Wallace: I think about my Grandpa daily and about how much I miss him. I think about what advice he would give me as I take my own journey in the military. I joined the Air Force because of him and every day, as I get further into the years of my enlistment, I wonder if he had some similar days. He was a hero and I am very proud of him. He was a hero to me in many ways. His marriage with my Grandma makes him a hero in my eyes because they had a love that survived so much and, at the end of the day, they loved each other more and more. He had many battles in the service, and even though he never shared, I know he was scarred from them. He retired as tech and that was a huge accomplishment. It was a lot harder back then to make rank than it is now.

I cherish every moment I had with him, but I still wish he were here today. He was a hero to me also because he believed in me. He believed I could make a difference among my brothers and sisters in arms. I miss you everyday, Grandpa. Thank you for your sacrifice for this country. You absolutely are my favorite veteran. I love you very much.

Needless to say, I am very proud of my daughter for choosing to honor her grandfather by following his footsteps in the United States Air Force. I am grateful for her service to our country, and for the service of all who have helped make our nation the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Like her mama, Jen is just a few steps beyond normal. She actually liked basic training! She is now a tactical aircraft maintainer.

4 thoughts on “An Airman’s response

  1. Wow your daughter is amazing I am proud of her and I don’t even know her lol, and she wrote such a beautiful tribute to her grandfather. Thank you to your daughter for her service and all she does for our country.

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  2. Kathy Harp

    WOW! that was a great tribute to your dad written by Jennalea,she is so beautiful. Our next door neighbors grandson was a week out from graduating from bootcamp & they gave him a covid shot & him had a severe reaction to it,& now he is home & can’t be in any branch of the military. That was really heart breaking for him & the family.

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