Camp Creek State Park and the final four

The final four waterfalls! They were all pretty but I’m sure that I’ll be okay with not seeing another one for awhile.

Brush Creek Preserve and Falls

There was a very short hike to get to the Brush Creek Falls and Pepper enjoyed a chance to stretch his legs. It made me sad that there was so much trash around. This preserve was isolated enough that I’m sure it’s used as a party place but I really dislike people who don’t carry out their garbage. We picked up several bags full but I couldn’t help but thinking it was a waste of time because it would be trashed again soon.

There was a very narrow road that took us from Brush Creek to Camp Creek State Park. The ranger there asked us about the garbage situation at Brush Creek. Apparently, he and his crew are in charge of the preserve as well as the state park and it’s a problem they’ve been fighting for awhile.

Mash Fork Falls and Campbell Falls,
both located in Camp Creek State Park

Both of the waterfalls at Camp Creek were roadside and involved almost no effort to find. By that point in our trip, I was relieved to avoid another hike.

Dunloup Falls

Dunloup Falls was located on the road to Thurmond, an abandoned town located along the C & O Railroad. Once a prosperous coal mining town, Thurmond is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Being just a few steps beyond normal, I missed the falls driving into the town but we managed to find them on the way back out.

Mission accomplished! My third and final prize, a t-shirt!

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