The final ten (Fifty firsts #41-50)

  • #41 I ate at a restaurant called The Sesame Inn. I have no memory of the experience so I’m not making a recommendation to try it.
  • #42 I became the owner of a pair of beautiful ruby earrings. They are still one of my top three favorite pairs, along with a pair purchased at Santa’s Secret Workshop for a quarter by my youngest son when he was in kindergarten and a pair of diamond studs given to me by my youngest daughter.
The family jewels!
  • #43 I memorized the books in the New Testament of The Bible. It took me most of the year to name them all, in order, and about a week to forget them.
  • #44 I planted spinach in my salad garden. We didn’t eat spinach when I was growing up but it’s now a yearly addition.
  • #45-46 I camped at Babcock State Park and Camp Creek State Park.
  • #47 I made my first eBay purchase. I have no clue what I bought.
  • #48 I ate boiled peanuts. I thought they were gross.
  • #49-50 I went to Bermuda for the first time. While there, I swam in an underground lake. Deep in the recesses of Cathedral Cave, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, it was an otherworldly experience, one that was just a few steps beyond normal!

3 thoughts on “The final ten (Fifty firsts #41-50)

  1. Kathy Harp

    Your 3 pairs of earrings are very pretty. I have one special pair that my husband bought me for our anniversay one year, I also have a ring that I’m in the process of have put together, DAve had two emerald rings ,that was his birthstone I took it to the jewelry store & I’m having it made into a ring that I can wear.

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