Eleanor and my favorite cookbook

I happen to like homemade, community type cookbooks even though I don’t really enjoy cooking. I have quite an assortment of them and I have good intentions of using each one when I add it to my collection. The reality is that I just enjoy browsing through them.

While visiting The Beekeeper Inn, I spent an hour reading through what is still my favorite cookbook of all time. Surprisingly enough, I found it very amusing. In the dialogue added to each recipe, Eleanor’s sense of humor dominated. The morning after I read it, I took a walk up the road, where I discovered a cemetery. I found myself matching names on the gravestones to recipes in the book. I still think it’s pretty neat that memories of these people will live on through the traditional recipes they prepared and shared.

This cookbook has obviously been written with a manual typewriter and I love that there was apparently little stress involved with proofreading! I’ve included a few bits and pieces from it so that you can see what makes it so special.

The cover was drawn by Delores R. Baggerly. The date referenced inside the front cover is 1969.
Most of the research I’ve done shows that Eleanor co-founded The Hütte, but this is what she printed in her cookbook.
These little cookies are delightful! I had them with my breakfast and Eleanor told me to put extra pepper in them for the best results. It’s just a few steps beyond normal to put pepper in cookies but it works!

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