Pink sand beaches

If you’ve ever wanted to live someplace where you were always within one mile of a beach, Bermuda is the place to be. Of course, the houses sell for $700,000 and up, so you’d better win a lottery, or be in a rich Uncle’s will, before you move there. Otherwise, you’ll just have to do like I did, and visit.

St. Peter’s Church, built in 1612, and the church graveyard, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and the St. George’s Towne Hall.

A British Overseas Territory, Bermuda is an archipelago of 181 islands and islets. It is the only land mass in the Sargasso Sea, and sits 643 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the North Atlantic Ocean. The largest islands are connected with bridges and appear to be one larger land mass. It has a subtropical climate, so has mild winters and warm summers. While I was visiting, it was quite hot, but so were the temperatures at home.

181 islands and islets sound like a lot but many of them are tiny.

A nice ocean breeze and turquoise water make Bermuda a pleasant place to be on a hot summer day. A unique feature of some of their beaches is the pink sand, which has flecks of deep pink mixed in with the paler shades.

Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda

The coral reefs that surround the islands have caused Bermuda to be labeled “the ship wreck capital of the world” and, when snorkeling, it is possible to see some of the sunken ships. If you hold really still, you are surrounded by multiple, brightly colored fish.

Here’s a fun fact about Bermuda: it used to be known for the onions that grew there. The onions were critical to sailors because they stored easily, could be eaten raw, and helped prevent scurvy. Mark Twain once wrote “The onion is the pride and joy of Bermuda. It is her jewel, her gem of gems.” They even do an “onion drop” for New Year’s Eve. That definitely seems to be a few steps beyond normal. It’s my kind of place!

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