Something new! Apple Annie’s and Aldi

I’ve been a big fan of Aldi since the first one opened in Morgantown and I finally visited the new store in Fairmont. After I finished shopping, I drove around Middletown Commons to check it out. When I noticed that Apple Annie’s was open, I parked and went in.

Do you remember when Apple Annie’s was in Point Marion? We considered it a destination restaurant even though it was quite close. It was a nice motorcycle ride away and, over the years, we ate there quite often. We’d had a particular weakness for their huge slices of cake and for the apple dumplings. I was curious to see if the new location lived up to it’s predecessor’s reputation.

The bakery cases were filled to the brim with all sorts of goodness and it was difficult to choose just one treat. I ended up buying a bacon jalapeño scone, which I ate on my way home, and an apple dumpling. I had intended to give the dumpling to my husband because it’s not really on my list of foods I should be eating. That was before I tasted it. The pie crust covering was so flaky and light that I had a second bite. The cinnamon sugar drizzle wasn’t sickly sweet so I had a third bite. To make a long story short, I’m going to skip telling you about bites 4-52. It was delicious! I’m ashamed to say that it’s not a few steps beyond normal for me to have eaten a treat intended for someone else!

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