Something new! Asbury’s Restaurant

Following my rock climbing adventure, Marta and I had a late lunch before heading home. She had been to a small restaurant called Asbury’s at Seneca Cavern’s and it was also recommended by one of the adventure center employees. That’s where we went. I enjoyed it so much that I went back there on Saturday with my husband to celebrate our anniversary.

It was a perfect day for a drive. I’ve always liked the drive to Seneca Rocks and just after crossing into Pendleton County, the scenery is breathtaking. We put the top down on my husband’s Mustang convertible and let the wind and sunshine work magic on our attitudes. By the time we arrived in Riverton, I was starving.

I don’t remember ever touring Seneca Caverns and had hoped to take the hour long tour that day. They were surprisingly closed for some unexpected maintenance due to safety issues. Reopening anytime soon doesn’t sound promising. The parking lot was empty, even though it was noon, and I’m sure the caverns being closed was hurting the restaurant business.

I am usually leery of eating at any kind of tourist location, but Asbury’s is the exception to the rule. It is worthy of being classified as a destination restaurant and before we got out of the car, a group of motorcyclists pulled into the parking lot. I found myself thankful because I really don’t want this place to go out of business.

I’m planning to round up some gal pals to make a trip there again. It’s a few steps beyond normal to drive that far to eat multiple times but I am already craving another helping of the bleu cheese chips. The crab cakes were excellent, too!

Homemade potato chips smothered in bleu cheese sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, onion, and a balsamic glaze.

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