Something new! San Marzano Italian Market

If you’re like me, you love a good picnic but hate the work involved with planning and fixing the food. I’ve found the perfect solution to that problem and it’s called the San Marzano Italian Market. Located off the Pierpont exit in Morgantown, you can find this gem in a small shopping center near Planet Fitness.

My doctor’s office is nearby and the first time I checked out the market, I bought a package of chocolate almond biscotti. Don’t we all know not to go shopping when we’re hungry? I had fasted for bloodwork and the biscotti were irresistible. I’ve been there multiple times since that initial visit to pick up pasta, sauces, pesto, bread, and more biscotti.

Last week, when I ran in for a quick purchase, there was something new! They have expanded their deli and now have a dining area to enjoy fresh sandwiches. I went back after my appointment and bought the Napoli sandwich which was thickly layered with fresh pesto, meats, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. It was huge! I also enjoyed a container of goodies from the fresh olive bar. I had blue cheese stuffed olives, roasted garlic, prosciutto stuffed peppers, and a piece, or two, of several other savories.

When I got home, I checked out the website for the market. I was surprised to see that the owners are the great-grandsons of Filipo Colasessano, the founder of Fairmont’s renowned Colasessano’s. It’s a few steps beyond normal, but I feel like they are practically family. I can’t wait to visit them again! And guess what? They will be opening a second location at Middletown Commons in the near future!

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