The Misadventures of Maeve the Motorhome

I introduced all of you to our motorhome in my blog post about our aborted Florida trip in March. She chose to blow a hose on her gas tank rather than go the distance. We took her home, parked her, and went to Myrtle Beach instead, staying at a nice oceanfront condo.

When we got home, I suggested we sell the motorhome. My husband’s response? I love that motorhome! Well, it just so happens that I love Airbnb but Maeve is still sitting in our driveway. I decided to name her, as I did the other family members who have cost me that kind of money. Maeve seemed like a good choice since I don’t actually know anyone with that name. When I curse her, nobody will think I’m dissing a friend.

Maeve the Motorhome on our inaugural journey together on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Maeve was born in 2006 but we adopted her in 2019. In people-years, she is sixteen. This could explain her attitude. In motorhome-years, this is equivalent to being 104. Isn’t that about the age when you lose control of all body function and start spewing fluids? To make matters worse, her roof leaks. On Saturday, when I should have been out hiking, I spent most of the day working on Maeve’s roof.

I spent an hour scraping off old caulking and flaking rubber roof spray before sweeping it off the roof. Maeve looked like she had the worst case of dandruff! Flakes were flying everywhere! I then applied aluminum roof tape to all the seams. It stuck well everywhere but on the part of the roof that leaked. I got out the Gorilla glue and proceeded to glue my fingers together. Working with that handicap, I succeeded in gluing down the self-stick tape. For good measure, I used a rubberized flex tape along the edges of the aluminum tape. Maeve now has more layers than a seventies shag haircut and, instead of hairspray, I fixed it all in place with the same rubber spray I’d spent an hour removing. If she leaks now, I’ll buy some buckets.

Maeve was taken to the auto hospital last night. She doesn’t need prayers but my pocketbook surely will. She is getting her gas hose fixed and she will be thoroughly inspected. I’m hoping she gets a sticker for good behavior. I am also having a couple of tail light bulbs replaced. That should make her a bit brighter, don’t you think?

It may be a few steps beyond normal, but I have to laugh at the idea of us driving down the interstate in Maeve and having the whole “roof patch” fly off like a toupee in a wind storm! (I then have a mini anxiety attack for the same reason.) Heaven help us! I’ll keep you posted.

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