Something new! Unclaimed property

When my son sent me a message telling me that my name was on the West Virginia treasury’s list for unclaimed property, I was skeptical. I don’t own a lot of stuff and I was reasonably sure that I hadn’t lost any of it. I didn’t think that a few marbles would make the list.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to the site and typed in my name. Sure enough, there I was. At least, there was my name. I clicked the links, filled in the blanks, and submitted my claim. Then I started wondering, what if it wasn’t me? At one time, there were three people in Marion County with my first and last name. What if I was claiming something that didn’t belong to me? I decided to call the state treasury office. It was a very simple process and, after answering a few questions, the lady I talked to told me that it did appear to be my property and she suggested I follow through by providing the necessary documentation. When I asked what the property was, she told me that all she could tell me was that it was for less than twenty dollars. I wasn’t going to get rich fast but I jokingly told her that maybe it would buy me lunch. She laughed and said, “Maybe a hotdog!”. Too funny, especially since I rarely eat those things.

Fast forward a few days and my claim has been approved! Woohoo! Years ago, I had started a Upromise account with the hopes of saving money to fund college for my kids. By purchasing certain products with a registered credit card, a small portion of the cost was deposited into an account. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could save money a lot faster without participating. Many of the products were things I wouldn’t normally use. I suppose that if you weren’t good at saving money, something like this program could help. Maybe it’s a few steps beyond normal, but I’ve never had a problem saving money for something that is important to me.

My first piggy bank!

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