A Little Golden book from the past

I love to read but can rarely remember the names of the books I’ve read. I am guilty of choosing a new book and reading several chapters before realizing I’ve already read it. When I buy books at the library’s used book sale, I always give the books to my sister when I’m done reading them. After she is finished with them, she donates them back to the library. Where I have been known to buy the same book again. Where I have been known to buy the same book a third time! It’s not quite as pathetic as it sounds. My sister was collecting Sue Grafton books, so if I saw a hardback, I’d grab it for her, just in case it was one she needed. I didn’t actually read the book three times. Maybe twice. I don’t remember.

I have read multiple books more than once though. As a preteen, my favorite book was Baby Island, which I probably read a hundred times. As a young adult, it was The Promise, by Danielle Steele. (I don’t read her books anymore because after the first ten, they are all the same.) Anybody with a child has read books over and over. Two of our most repeated was Who Put The Pepper in the Pot and Love You Forever.

Remembering a book title is a few steps beyond normal for me. So why did the name of a Little Golden Book pop into my head while I was standing in front of a mirror? It’s been years since I read The Saggy Baggy Elephant!

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