Something new! Main Street Yoga

I mentioned my love of yoga in a previous post. While I love everything about yoga, it has been a few years since I attended a class. I follow Main Street Yoga on Facebook and have considered participating in a session but I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing it. Have I also mentioned that I am an expert procrastinator?

On Saturday, as part of their sixth anniversary celebration, Main Street Yoga was offering an assortment of free classes. What better time to try out their studio? I hadn’t been to downtown Fairmont for awhile. There’s free parking on Saturday! As I walked up Adams Street to look for the studio, I saw several shops that were new since my last stroll through town.

I arrived at noon to start with a wild tea and meditation class. We tried several herbal brews, using the taste and smell as part of the meditation practice. The soft scent of cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary, lavender, and other herbs was nice. I think about all the mornings when I’ve held a cup of hot, steamy Constant Comment in my hands, closed my eyes, and inhaled. It’s a feel good experience.

The second class I participated in was about the benefits of using essential oils to support wellness. These oils are extracted from various plants and are highly concentrated. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries and can ease headaches and anxiety, and help you sleep. There are also oils that can energize. That’s what I need!

Finally, the third class I took was chair yoga. Don’t think that chair yoga is for sissies! It still provides a good workout and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Now, if I can only take a few steps beyond my current normal and find an essential oil that will motivate me to go to yoga classes!

I won a tank top!

One thought on “Something new! Main Street Yoga

  1. Patti Adams

    I’m afraid that while trying to hold a pose in yoga, I would fall from poor balance! Or those “natural noises” that you hear about would occur. It’s difficult for me to be serious about certain things, and I’m sure that I would be kicked out of the class!

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