Excess hair

Below are some random questions I found myself asking while prepping for my annual visit to the gynecologist. There really are no answers….

At what point in my life did shaving my legs become an item on my to-do list instead of being part of my regular grooming practices?

How old was I when plucking my mustache and chin took precedence over my eyebrows?

How is it possible for a whisker that is all but too short to grasp with a pair of tweezers to be an inch long when it’s finally yanked out?

Why is a Brazilian wax going to stay on my list of things I’ve never done before and am never going to do?

Why does the hair on my head appear to be falling out by the handful but the hair on the rest of my body is growing faster than a Chia Pet on steroids?

At what point in the Covid pandemic did I start appreciating the mustache hiding benefits of a mask as much as its ability to filter out dangerous germs?

When did the need for a heavy-duty drain clog remover become necessary to deal with the aftermath of a shaving session?

Is it too many steps beyond normal to consider growing a goatee?

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