Exercise boredom

You would think that something as mindless as walking in place while staring at a framed doily that my Grandmother-in-law made would be an easy task. Boring, but easy. Boring, but what’s thirty minutes? I have managed to entertain myself well. For five minutes. For example, I’ve found several hidden items in that doily. There appears to be a T-bone steak, a huge chocolate chip cookie, an apple, Waldo, a frosted cupcake, and any number of other interesting shapes. One of them resembles an unmentionable male appendage, but I’m pretty sure Grandma didn’t design it like that. It’s a hallucination. A figment of my imagination. I try not to dwell on that particular corner of the doily. I’d never realized that Grandma was so talented. Just think! I’d spent all these years thinking it was just a plain, old, crocheted doily.

Just a figment of my warped imagination….really! Waldo isn’t hiding in the doily!

In the past, I’ve tried listening to audio books while I walk. There were two problems with that. One, I got so tied up with whodunit and why, that I forgot to walk. The treadmill eject button scores again! Two, I got so tied up with whodunit and when, that I kept on walking, and kept on walking, and kept on walking, sort of like the Energizer bunny, only in slow motion. You might think that this extra time would be good, but in reality, I could hardly walk by the middle of the afternoon. I was forced to sit down and finish listening to the book.

It didn’t surprise me that the audio books weren’t the answer to my exercise boredom. I had a similar problem while listening to them in the car. One day, on the way to the grocery store, I was listening to The Thornbirds. When I finally got to the end of a chapter, I had no idea where I was. I was forced to keep listening to the book while I found my way home. And, because it was a few steps beyond normal, I went the long way!

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