The proof is in the pictures

I’ve been looking at a lot of old pictures, none of them very clear, and I find myself truly appreciating digital cameras. I love how easy it is to take multiple shots and then to keep only the best. My old pictures were taken with a decent Minolta SLR camera but a roll of film only provided 24 to 36 chances to capture a perfect moment. A few pictures would turn out great but most left a lot to be desired.

After wandering randomly down memory lane, I’ve begun to think that I should have named my blog “Getting Back My Normal”. I think I’ve always been half a bubble off plumb! Jumping out of an airplane at fifty was something I needed to do to remind myself of who I had been before life sucked me into a vortex of work, marriage, and motherhood. I think most of my turning fifty funk was due to the fact that I’d lost myself somewhere in the bog that was my life. I’ve always wanted to try new things and see new places, to be just a few steps beyond normal. The proof is in the pictures!

This is me, age 20, cliff jumping into the Aegean Sea from a little Greek Island called Hydra. My friend, Laurie, caught this memory for me!

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