Flight 93 National Memorial and The Summit Diner

I have always wanted to be a hermit when I grow up and, after more than a year of hermit-like living due to the pandemic, I think I’d make a good one. I quilt and read the days away, and as long as I have my garden and flowers to play in, and my dog to walk, I am quite content. At least, I was content until I realized in early May that I hadn’t done anything adventurous for months. I was settling into my rut again! I certainly didn’t want that to happen so I started planning what I call “Traveling Tuesdays”. I plan an adventure and find a new restaurant, then drag along some friends for a day of surprises and companionship. So far, it’s been a lot of fun.

Our most recent adventure was a sobering experience. We drove to the Flight 93 National Memorial. I’d been there before, stood inside by the exhibits, and cried. This trip was a repeat performance. The Tower of Voices had not been completed the first time I was there and I was excited to see it, and even more excited to hear it. I love wind chimes and I thought that this was a beautiful way to honor those who had died on such a horrifically devastating day. I knew I would get goosebumps when the wind made the chimes dance, when the voices sang out.

The rock between the posts marks the crash site of Flight 93.

I was so disappointed by the experience! Even though the wind blew enough to make us cold while we were standing there, it wasn’t hard enough to make the huge chimes play. We heard very faint music when we first walked up but, really, not enough to be sure we hadn’t imagined it. The voices of those people onboard Flight 93, were silent that afternoon.

We left the Memorial and drove a short distance to Somerset, PA. We visited a candy store on our way and did some serious damage to our debit cards. Then we ate a late lunch at the Summit Diner. I didn’t know they closed at three so we got there just in time! The food was delicious but I was so worried about making the poor waitress stay beyond her quitting time that I forgot to order the one thing I wanted to try! I’ll have to order the pumpkin gob cake next time. It’s a giant step beyond normal for me to forget dessert!

And, yes, there are two pieces of candy missing from the box of chocolates! I ate them before I thought to take a picture!

5 thoughts on “Flight 93 National Memorial and The Summit Diner

  1. Kathy Harp

    We haven’t been over that way for awhile because the General Convention hasn’t happened in Johnstown in two years in person because of coivd-19.I ‘m planning on retiring in December of this year; we will have more time to do things like that.

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